Saturday, 8 September 2012

Climbing back on the creative wagon

Now that Teeny has started school full time, i decided it was time to do what makes me happy ... Craft! Looking through my MANY craft magazines, i found a pattern for a messenger bag in Craft Seller magazine.

After raiding my long forgotten fabric stash and blowing the dust of my sewing machine, it was time to get down to business ... 5 hours later i emerged from my room with this jazzy little creation

Am quite proud of myself for making a bigger bag than i'm used too plus it has pockets ...

Now if only i could turn my hobby into a business ... Wishful thinking???

Tis time to get back to normality ...

Hey folks,
Its been a few weeks now and it looks like things are finally back to normal. We've had no more family members being admitted to hospital due to illness, No more friends splitting up and no-one else has lost their job ...

Its been a long time since i picked up a needle and thread but the last couple of days i've been getting quite a bit done.

Will post pics next ... Thanks for bearing with me during the madness :)


Saturday, 4 August 2012

Many apologies

Hey everyone
It's been a long time since I've posted. I've had a rather difficult month or so but things are back to normal now so with any luck I'll be able to get back to crafting.

Am taking a trip down to England next week to see my mama and the following week teeny starts school. I'll get to have a good few hours to myself to catch up on my ever growing to-do list.

many apologies to my popular craft polka dot swap partner. I promise I haven't forgotten you. I'm finishing just now and will have it posted out to you asap. I'm hoping it's better late than never :/

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Congrats to my mama

At the beginning of the month, I got a call from my mama, telling me she and her long time partner are going to get married :-)

This fantastic news gave me a reason to get out my promarkers and make a lovely engagement card. (like I really need an excuse to get crafty :-P )

This is my finished design. Simple but pretty.

Congratulations Mum & Graham xxx

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Halloween Quilt

OK ... This is the post i've been looking forward to the most :)

Everyone who knows me, knows that i'm crazy for Halloween. I have freaked out my postman by answering the door in costume and my Halloween ornaments, snow globes etc are out all year long. Candy Corn and chocolate apples happen in our house when-ever we get a craving and thankfully my addiction seems to have passed on to Teeny ... 5yrs old and is already planning his costume for this year *wipes away a proud tear* lol.

For almost a year i have been collecting Halloween fabric in the hopes that one day i would be able to make a big American style quilt. I'm very proud to say that this week i finally found enough :)

I want this quilt to one day out live me so i decided that i would use only the best fabrics and at the time, Moda was the one to go for. (Since then lots of designers have come out with Halloween themed prints).

For those of you that dont know, Moda is an American company that has alot of different designers so there are plenty of fabrics to chose from. Only down side is, at the time i started, it was hard to get suppliers in the UK. At least for the Halloween range.

Thank goodness for eBay!!

After alot of searching, bidding and contacting sellers ... i managed to find some of the ranges that could be sent to me. I've had to blank out much of the postage costs as most of it was more than the fabric itself but putting past birthday money and the odd pound here and there, i finally got enough for 250+ 5" charms. In the end, it will be worth every penny!

My ever growing bundle :)

I've combined 4 different Moda ranges ...

3 Charm packs from the "Trick or Treat" range
A Charm pack from the "Haunted Mansion" range
4 fat quarters from the "Chic or Treat" range
and a fat quarter from the "Spooktacular" range

(I also have 2 large fabric panels from the "Trick or Treat" range that i'm hoping to include)

Its going to be a working progress for the next few months but i'm giddy at the thoughts of what the finished quilt will look like

Needle Book

Just a quick post to show the needle book i made.

I've been cross stitching since i was pregnant and have purchased quite a few kits over the years. Each kit comes with all the supplies, inc a needle. Add these to the needles in the free kits with magazines and you could imagine the collection i have. Since deciding to get my wee sewing box into some kind of normality, i thought to save space i would make a needle book.

I added 2 squares of felt which gave me 4 sheets to fill. It is a mini one meant for my sewing box so i added all the needles that were floating about in it. I also added some elastic so it could be closed.
Am starting to get the hang of making up my own little designs ... even if they are basic at the moment :)